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Kouch Prandegan (Migrating Birds) is the third poetry collection of Homa Tarzi in the United States published by Morris Publishing in, February 2013.

It is a collection of free style poems dedicated to the people who lived in Kabul during real democratic kingdom of King Zaher Shah especially 1960-1970.

It is a book of freedom, love and life. Each poem is dedicated to a person and carries the message of good old days.

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Milad e Nastran ha   (The Birth of Eglantines) was the first Free style poetry collection of Homa Tarzi (1969 - 2010 ) published in United States by Morris Publishing, August 2011.

The Mother’s Death  poem was the first winner of the poetry computation at Kabul University In 1970.

Milad e Nastaran ha

Zamzamahaye Niyayesh (Humming Praises) selection of 'Mystic Ghazals' is written in 2011 - 2012.  This is the first mystic collection which is written by a women in the history of Farsi/Dari leturature.

This book is prefaced by Mr. Abdul Salam Shayeq Faraz, Dr. Abdul Ghafour Rawan Frhadi, Mr. Yousuf Kohzad, Mr. Abdul Ali Ahrari & a poem by Mr. Nasir Tehuri.

This book contains 232 ghazals, all written in Nastaliq calligraphy. It is printed in the United States by Morris Publishing, October 2012. 

Click on the book cover to look inside the book.

Zamzamahaye Niyayesh

Nawid Sahari (Dawn message) is the second mystic collections of Homa Tarzi 2012-2013which was composed in the format of Ghazal’s. This book was published by Morris Publishing whit 358pages in August 2013 in United States.

The messages by prominent and distinguished authors and poets of Afghanistan are given a special color to this collection.

Professor Latif Nazemi, Mr. Asef Fekrat, Mr. Shayeq Fraz, Dr. Rawan Frhadi, Mr. Yosuf Kohzad, Dr. Latifi, Mr. Sorkhabi, Mr. Ahrari.

Nawid Sahari

Splendor of the snow

Splendor of the snow is a collection of poems which is composed in free style in 2013.

This book is divided in 5 sections and the last section belongs to the poem’s which was composed in Kabul about 40 years ago.

Splendor of the Snow is dedicated to Mr. Latif Nazemi , a renowned poet and a prominent leading literary Farsi/Dari critic and scholar.

Spring in Autumn

Spring in Autumn is a collection of my new poems which was composed in 2013 in free style poetry.

This book is dedicated to my husband Dr. Eskandar Rastegar and my friend all old friend all over the world.  Spring in Autumn is a combination of mystic and love poems.

This book is published by Morris Publishing in United States in October, 2014.